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Featured above is the C'est la Vie cruising in the Upper Loire in the fall of 2016
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Greetings to our Travel Agent Colleagues!

A barge trip along the canals of France is a unique experience that your clients will say was the best vacation they have ever had in their lives. Or perhaps your clients prefer Holland at tulip time, a cruise along the Thames River and its upper reaches, the highlands of Scotland or the Shannon River in Ireland -- all of these experiences are available for you to offer your clients a very special trip. From the cuisine, to the rural countrysides, to the fascinating, customized excursions led by knowledgeable and so very accommodating crew members ... this is one of the most gratifying travel experiences you can introduce your clients to.

At Barges In France, Barges In Europe, Divisions of Special Places Travel, we focus exclusively on canal and luxury river cruises -- in France, Holland, Belgium, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, and Italy. Why not propose this to your clients for their event planning or reunions and special celebrations? We have had many successful family gatherings celebrated on the canals and waterways of France and the rest of Europe and the memories your clients make will last a lifetime. is the travel agent's best source for ALL the canal and river barges in Europe, with a unique and exceptional collection of services to support you and your clients in their travel decision.

We invite you to take a look at our continually updated web site at: Home Page.
You'll be able to review barges alphabetically, by region, number of passengers, category of barge, and individual cabin price. Our web page for each barge is our on-line brochure for each barge, with deckplan, full description, itineraries, prices, and photos, and much more information about each barge, including many pictures we've taken during our recent barge trips. Barge trips are our passion and we are very interested in working with you to provide this unique vacation to your clients.

Our website and individual barge web pages contain current prices for all of the barges in France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, and Italy, as well as special offers from a number of barge owners. For a complete list of special offers, see:
Barge Cruise Special Offers

In addition to offering you a commission on all sales of barge trips to clients, we offer a full package of free services that is ONLY available from Places Travel, including: This level of agency support is unique in the travel industry, and all of us at Places Travel would be delighted to work with you in providing the most comprehensive details to you for your clients.

One of the best things about booking clients on barges in France (as well as the rest of Europe) is that your clients will have the time of their lives, and come back to tell you so ... Here are some of the comments we received from our clients this year about their barge trips:

"The cabin was better than some 5 star hotels we've stayed in. Luxurious describes it. They even had a heated towel rack and cleaned our bathroom 2 or 3 times a day. I took a long, hot bubble bath while cruising down the canals! The service was outstanding! We really felt that we were special people, even royalty! Everyone tried their very best to please us. On the first morning I felt like a bit of cheese from the previous night's dinner for breakfast. From then on, there were morning cheeses out just for me without my asking. The food was incredible! Never have we been so consistently surprised at taste, presentation, and variety. The staff was consummately informed about the origins of the food, cheeses, and wines and shared information about such in an authoritative, yet "unstuffy" and friendly manner. The wines were very impressive and perfectly matched with the food for each meal. The captain not only took us to the most interesting places, but he also gave us time to wander around the little villages and towns. We were grateful for his wealth of historical facts which he shared with aplomb and humor. We even spent a morning with an 85 year-old Contessa who inherited a winery that she still operates. We toured her cellars as we learned about a vintner's life. We drank her wine, ate her pate and cheese puffs, and listened to her stories about growing-up in Nuits St. George and surviving the war years."
-- D.G. Pinehurst, NC

"We credit the crew with making what would have been a great vacation, an extraordinary one. They were wonderful, professional, fun, and supremely accomodating. All the food and drinks were excellent - really 5 star. The presentation, variety, quality of selections were of the highest caliber. The barge route was breathtaking. It was a fabulous combination of natural scenery, small villages, larger villages, and towns. I knew the barge would be wonderful but it was so much more. This was one of the most delightful trips we've ever had. We look forward to our next barge experience!"
-- A. D., Frederick, MD

"The excursions were really a huge hit with my wife and myself, to a large degree, because of the incredible knowledge and humor that the crew possessed. They were a big hit with their presence and attitudes. My wife and I were both surprised to see the good size of the cabins and the size and furnishings of the living room and dining room, which were more than adequate. The high points of the trip were the excursions and the eating, eating, eating and drinking, drinking, drinking. Thanks again for your help on this trip."
-- R.E., McKinney, TX

"The service was just the best. The crew are wonderful people. The food and wine were great - we had fun learning about the wines, cheeses and special dishes - every meal was a treat. The excursions were good - they handled well our splitting up and sometimes going in different directions - they knew what we were seeing and made it interesting. The barge route was beautiful, restful, and fun."
-- A.D., Bronxville, NY

And some comments about Places Travel:

"Appreciate your great follow-thru and concern for our clients. That attention to detail sells the product and the confidence to continue relationships. Thanks, Ruth"
"The service from Special Places was perfect and very responsive and I would recommend anybody to your firm. The quality of the pre-trip info was more than adequate and I could not think of anything else that could be added."
-- R. E., McKinney, TX

"Your service was excellent in every way: Communication, timely and complete receipt of documents, insurance recommendation, even extra tidbits of general travel info (that we found others who booked through someone else had not been given)."
-- D. G., Pinehurst, NC

"Everything you did was great, especially the last minute help in changing our arrival time and place."
-- K. K., Eastlake, OH

We are a small, family-run business. We have been aboard all of the barges in France (and other countries), and arranging luxury hotel barge cruises is our only business, since 1997. We serve travel agents throughout the world who search for a unique travel experience for their clients that combines exquisite cuisine, exclusive wine tastings, intimate excursions, biking and walking, and pampered relaxation into a magical week that is the perfect stage for celebrating a special birthday or anniversary, a family adventure, or simply to savor 'joie de vivre'!

To make sure we have the most current information and to share our first-hand experience with you, we visit barges in France and the rest of Europe every year. Our long-standing relationships with each barge owner provide us with the background to help you guide your clients in selecting the best canal cruise or river cruise for the vacation of a lifetime. Based in Edgewater, Maryland, USA, we provide you with personal attention and detailed answers to your questions 7 days a week. With our many years of experience aboard Barges in France and Barges in Europe, we, at Barges In, are a leading, trusted source you can rely on. In addition to helping you select the barge and cruise area that's best for your clients, we can also provide detailed recommendations on hotels, itineraries, things to do, and how your clients can get to their cruise destination.

We look forward to working with you!!

Left to right: Places Travel owners Sally Dillin, Don Dillin, Chip Banister, and Sales Manager, Kathy Lynch
Left to right: owners Sally Dillin, Don Dillin, Chip Banister, and Sales Manager, Kathy Lynch

When you telephone or email us, you will be reaching owners Don Dillin, or Sally Dillin, or Chip Banister, or Sales Manager Kathy Lynch -- all are passionate about barge travel and all have first-hand experience aboard the 50+ barges in France and the rest of Europe.

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